Our beliefs

All people struggle with problems that are primarily spiritual in nature, which can only be solved with God’s help.

At some point, we all find ourselves struggling with things like anxiety, grief, fear, resentment, bitterness, indecision, and discouragement. These struggles are principally spiritual struggles, or matters of the heart (the innermost part of us). So attacking them with medical or psychological solutions rarely makes much difference. Spiritual struggles require spiritual solutions–we need God’s help to conquer these kinds of problems.


The Biblical steps to receiving God’s help are straightforward, but very few people, including Christians, have been equipped to use them.

The focus of today’s Church has been to provide opportunities for people to hear about the faith, by focusing on the teaching of Biblical and theological knowledge. But when people aren’t given opportunities to see and do, they don’t integrate teachings into their lives, so they don’t develop the habit of interacting with God as a real part of daily life. They miss out on the healing and transformation God provides in the midst of their spiritual struggles.


As people are equipped with these steps and begin to go to God for help, a deeper relationship with God can grow.

The purpose of God’s healing grace is not simply to heal but to demonstrate his love for us and draw us into a relationship with him. For someone who was previously not a believer, this relationship with God may be completely new. But for a believer, interacting with God on important struggles may also mean that their relationship with God grows deeper. Transformed by this deeper relationship, Christians begin to look more and more like Jesus, and those outside the faith are naturally attracted to what they see.