The real problem

People need help with everyday challenges, like anger, worry, and fear.  When they turn to the Church, they don’t get practical answers. So they become discouraged and disengaged.

The way we’ve taught is part of the problem.  We’ve told them what they’re supposed to do without showing them how.  That takes more than words.  It takes modeling, step-by-step instructions, and practice.  

We need a new way that teaches them how, quickly and effectively.  

A new paradigm

Neuroscience has discovered the optimal way that our brains learn a new skill—a process called Deep Practice.  This process not only accelerates learning–often as much as 10 times faster–but also makes it last much longer, by developing an enduring habit.

Deep Practice has been applied to teach the how of many types of skills, from tennis to violin to book editing, quickly and with long-term results.

The Go-N-Do tools use Deep Practice to build long-lasting spiritual habits–how to interact with God to overcome life challenges–in an accelerated way. 

Enjoy ministry again

Jesus didn’t say, “Go to the pastor, all who are weary and burdened.” Pastors can’t solve people’s problems, only God can.  

What people need is to be shown practically how to connect with God to deal with their issues.  And it needs to become a habit.  That’s why Go-N-Do resources were developed.

Consistently, when people develop the habit of going to God with their burdens, they’re happier.  Their faith grows. They reconnect with the church. That’s great news for pastors.